Story About Abbygail Chiebiey

HYE ! I want to tell a little story about the name of my cat , Abbygail Chiebiey .
"ABBYGAIL CHIEBIEY" Nice name right ?
Previously i ever write the story about the death Entong right ??
Abbygail is the only heir to late Entong.
I keep her since she was young till now.
Yesterday, i saw her dating with her lover .
I didn't expect Abbygail was clever dating . Hahaha!xD
Owkay =.= kira cita nie habis sini larhh ekkk. 

Muka abbygail baru bangun tdo .

Abbygail says: ku tgh syok2 tdo kau kacau ku pula , dah mlm td ku dating sampai lewat malam .


K, The END =.=

P/s : sorry lah bhsa ku mcm rojak . mau dikatakan pandai Bi , xla sngt . mau kata pandai , xla pndai sgt .